151 Ready, Get Set...

4098 Metres

10 kilometres

42 hours

3 Days to go

The Kinabalu Numbers
...and if you don't really understand what this has got to do with the show Numb3rs, all you need to know is that every episode starts like this. 4 numbers, that you'll find referred to in the course of the show.

It's all going well, and I just finished downloading Season 3 of Numb3rs, and I'm having a great time watching them. Of course, the post-show research has also been keeping me happy.

The Kinabalu Trail, and as you can see, there are no Wifi Hotspots

Hence, I can't be updating the blog from the mountain, and this blog will be relatively quiet for the next few days, since I'll be heading down to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow for the final preparations. But, I've got something interesting lined up for you, in lieu of my ranting of everyday events. So, do check back often... because you and I will never know for sure that there's no WiFi on the mountain.

PS: I wonder whether 1000 orang utans, given wireless internet in the jungle, hitting computer keyboards randomly, will be able to produce something we call blogs. But, someone told me that's been proven by Malaysians...

PPS: If you don't get the joke, read up about the infinite monkey theorem...