160 Reproduced question

Quite self-explanatory, and sorry, my whiteboard has been used up for more mundane purposes, so I had to be content with a piece of paper..

Now, let me answer your next two questions... no I'm not pulling your leg, hands or any other extremities, and no, I know what I meant when I said "interview". It's a verbal (or oral, but saying this would be hazardous to Freudian Slippers) interview. And, if you have a third question, the answer is that the interview was conducted in Singapore, and I'm sorry, I do not wish to reveal where exactly.
Finally, I do not wish to give false hope or mislead anyone but I still have not gone here yet...

...but if you're wondering, I have all the NUS forms, documents and other stuff all lined up, filled, signed, sealed and only short of being delivered. I'm only waiting for NTU to spring a surprise at me... really! I'm not kidding. So, the university admissions saga goes on...
PS: Oh no! I revealed my real name... it's OK, never meant to keep it secret for so long, after all.
PPS: I forgot to celebrate my blog's second birthday... darn!