154 Reopened: Researched

Today is Day 1 of the Kinabalu Climb, and by this time of the day, I would be really, really, tired... so exhausted, in fact, that I shouldn't even be able to type this post out. But I am , and surprising there's WiFi on the mountain, along with handphone reception, would you believe that? Actually, I'm lying only about the WiFi... I'm told there's Digi service at the summit. Well, looks like the Yellow Digi Man is telling the truth about "I will follow you" (to the tune of that song), he already climbed the tallest mountain in the country, bravo!

But that begs the question... how am I blogging? Well, thanks to Blogger, I'm able to schedule my post releases earlier in time, so, in truth. I'm writing this before I climbed the mountain. Told you there would be some sort of surprise....

Today's post is actually a study I did during a boring train ride from Seremban to Singapore, where I analysed the number, type and distributions of advertisements. It took me two hours to complete it, from the data collection to the tabulation and graph generation. That is about the time it takes to get from Seremban to Gemas. Yup, the train is that slow... it takes two hours to leave my own state. Based on a Tuesday edition of The Star Newspaper, here's what I found...

Pie Chart showing number of ads in each newspaper section

Pie chart showing number of each type of ad in the whole newspaper
Bar Graph showing the distribution of each type of ad with respect to newspaper sections

NB: Legend
  • SHO - Shopping
  • F & B - Food and Beverages
  • FIN - Finance
  • TEL - Telecommunications
  • TRA - Travel
  • VEH - Vehicles
  • EES - Electric, Electronic and Software
  • HEA -Health products and services
  • BIZ - Business & Business-realted
  • SPO - Sports
  • FUR - Furniture
  • OTH- Other products & Services