108 Really?

April Fools' Day took on a whole new turn this year, as I had let it spread to this blog. The temporary shut down, I will now confirm, is an April Fools' hoax. But, there is some truth behind the people who supposedly shut it down. "Vengeance is Mine Inc." is a title of a short story written by Roald Dahl, which does quite close to what I have described in the URL I published in the hoax page. Inspired by their actions, I created a website that documents exactly what they did, together with a modern twist.

Later I took down the shutting down notice, and replaced with a link claiming to lead to the real blog, but as you would have found out, I rickrolled you, taking you to this video. Youtube, and Blogger itself was also guilty of Rickrolling this season.

Wikipedia was also getting clever this time around, paraphrasing certain entry descriptions on their Main Page to make them sound like utter nonsense, but if you read between the ambiguity, you would notice that the descriptions are actually TRUE!!!

Lastly, BBC recently published this documentary on penguins. I couldn't believe what I saw, and I must applaud them for this amazing find.

That's all the April Fools' hoaxes I have seen around the Internet, there's lots more, but I can't post all of them here because it would take too long. To find more, go to this wikipedia article. Have fun!!!