112 Response Required!

Hello readers,

I have just included a new feature in the blog, which is the Snapshot facility, which will allow you to see a thumbnail of the contents of any link. It will appear as a chat bubble by the side of the link, and it will pop up into a small window when you move your cursor over it. Some of you should be already familiar with this... but there are others who may be surprised.

However, there may be problems loading the blog, since I embedded the HTML for the facility, directly into the blog template. My home computer traditionally has problems with my blog template, and usually shuts down the window halfway through loading, so I can't diagnose the problems by myself. Therefore, readers, I need your help:

Please inform me ASAP if you have any problems whatsoever with the blog site. I apologise in advance if this new feature causes any inconvenience. Thank you!
PS: The latest entries will be posted below this one for the mean time... so don't be in a hurry to leave.