115 Referrals

I find it difficult to relate how amazed I was to see the referral pages to my blog on my Sitemeter. It's just funny to see what Google search words actually link to my blog. Fairly recent ones are like:

  • "died in a blogging incident" (for more info on why someone would search for this is explained here)
  • "admission rate to NTU for STPM student" (did I type STPM somewhere?)
  • "how often have i lain beneath rain" (it's in my Sidebar, if you didn't notice.)
  • "142 bus" (ah, yes! The Potong Pasir bus)
  • "breaking dsta code" (looks like someone needs a hint...)
  • "singapore amk raining ice" (there are called hailstones, by the way... and, no, I didn't know about them. Thanks for the info, I would have loved to be there!)
The bulk of them are of course, from my friends' blogs, the links in their blogs to mine would allow them and readers of their blogs to read mine, and I know you are now tempted to reply with a resounding "duh!".

But then again, you may not be interested in listening to me ramble about going ons in my blog, since that's not supposed to be any of your business, so here's a diabolical problem I just found. I shall call it: The Kindergarten Teacher's Addition Problem... Here goes...

Let's say you are a kindergarten Mathematics teacher, and all along you've been faced with math problems that never does exceed two digits. Life is easy, OK fine, little kids can be quite a handful, but mentally, it's barely challenging.

But, one day, the Principal, noting that you have an A-levels, STPM, or some other equivalent certificate for Maths, asks you to solve a problem for him. He plans to place posters around the kindergarten that contain all the possible ways to add up two or more integers (i.e 1 to 9) to make a sum of 10, e.g (1 + 9),(2 + 3 + 5), (1+2+3+1+1+2) etc. He also adds that the arrangement of integers matters, and hence (1+9) and (9+1) are considered two different sets of integers.

So, your question is: How many posters should the Principal order to accommodate all the sums, given that at most 50 sums can be fitted into one poster?

I say that this question is diabolical, not because it is tedious and/or difficult, but because the solution can be either tedious and/or difficult or shockingly simple (let me assure you, it's so simple that you will definitely want to kick yourself for not figuring it out). Good luck!