121 Reminiscence

Remember this song? 525,600 minutes, precisely the number of minutes in one year. The actual title of the song is "Seasons of Love", taken from the musical turned movie, "Rent". Although, I didn't watch the movie. this song found me in another way.

It serves as the reminder of my last days in the hostel, I first heard it on the 5th of December 2007, when it was played during Grad Night. The song stuck so badly that I downloaded it on the following day, the 6th of December from the "Rent" soundtrack, and the song kept playing into the 7th of December, the last day for me, and most of the others staying the hostel.

Two years, or slightly less than twice of 525,600 minutes were spent in that place, and the love for that place and the people there is irreplacable, just as the song suggests. The best measure of time gone past is not daylights, sunsets, midnights or cups of coffee, it's LOVE. Seasons of Love, as the song goes.

To be honest, it was this song that took me through the withdrawal period. The lack of people constantly around me, and the voices, and fun things, oh... it was all too depressing. I was really glad I took one thing from the last few days, and held on to it as tightly as I could, until the hostel-sickness all went away...

And just a few hours ago, the song found me again. I was watching "Idol Gives Back", the American Idol charity show on 8TV, and they sang the song. Oh my God! You should have seen the look on my face when Ryan said those words. I found myself tearing, I stared at the screen during the whole three minutes of the song. I couldn't believe it, it just came back to me all of a sudden. The song... oh, no... that song, it was pain, joy, excitement all at the same time. I really didn't know what to think... and now, I can't let it go again. It's playing again and again as I'm typing this post. It's just so... oh, I don't know. It must be human nature to hold on tightly to something that makes you so... so... happy, and sad, and emotional.. once you found it once again... This is the one song, I can sing with so much emotion... Ah, memories... Sometimes it makes you wonder why we keep them, if they can bring so much confusion when it jumps out at you again... Life is so funny sometimes....