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I've been accumulating interesting queries over time about this blog, and finally I've gotten round to answering most of them in the most informative way possible. So, here's a list of FAQs (Frequently Answered Questions)...

Why is your name CY Azhar?
Well, if you haven't figured it out yet... here's a step-by-step guide on how to get it solved:
  1. Take out that box with the word "Scrabble" on it. If it's really dusty, I suggest you clean it first.
  2. In the box, you'll find a dark green bag with lots of lettered tiles in it. Take out the letters A, A, C, H, R, Y and Z.
  3. Place them on one of the dark green racks, which should also be in the box.
  4. Rearrange them on the rack until you get a familiar name. There are 2520 ways to do it, so, good luck!

Oh, and do inform me if you managed to find the Ultimate Question of Life, Universe and Everything while you're at it. The answer, it seems, is 42...

What's with the URL, ambiguitytheories?
The First Theory of Ambiguity states that it is impossible to acheive a probabilty of 1 in the measurement of any event, because there always lies an inevitable degree of ambiguity in any observation. Not bad, considering I haven't learnt the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle when I formulated it. My first "scientific" formulation... and it motivates me to make up even more as I go along.
There are others, but they are too vague, and I guess I will never be able to work out the details... but they did cause me to pluralise the URL.. (it was previously ambiguitytheory)
Are you really too free? / Do you have too much time on your hands?
On the surface, yes... since I'm currently messing around with things that people normally do when they are really too free. But, actually no... because the seemingly "strange" things I do now, are actually things I do when I actually HAVE free time... and the things people normally do when they are free, are things that I do when I'm too free...
If you don't get it, I suggest you return to this post when you're too free, and that is when you could try to understand what I've just written...
Well... I don't believe what you just said. Where's your proof?
I just sprained my left ankle. Explain to me how that happened while blogging, sitting in front of the computer, scribbling on whiteboards etc.
What exactly is The Junyi (Jy)? I don't want to ask him...
I'm not that sure either, and I'm sure he doesn't want the "studyphile" answering that for him...
However, I have a feeling it is related to either the amount of time it's required for him to take over the world or the amount of time you have to spend being a slave to him after taking over the world.
You were in Singapore when a man named Mas Selamat "Golden Safety" was on the loose. Any ideas on his whereabouts?
Indeed, I will confirm that I did attempt to look for him while I was in Singapore, by walking from Novena to Ang Mo Kio at 4 am in the morning. But, unfortunately, I didn't find him...
However, I recently heard rumours that he is in Malaysia conspiring with N. War E. Brahim to take down the BN gahment. He was sighted at the recent Keadilan rally at Kelab Sultan Sulaiman in Kuala Lumpur, fuelling gossip that he is indeed involved in the whole "take over the Gahment" affair. But, please don't quote me here...
Did you really die in a blogging and knitting accident recently?
What if I didn't? You people didn't even sound shocked...
I Googled Carpe Diem, and the Day of the Carp explanation didn't come appear. What's going on?
Here's an idea. Go check the definition of "gullible" in the closest dictionary you can find. You won't find it...
Why are you answering all these questions?
Why are you reading all these answers?
Doesn't FAQ stand for Frequently Asked Questions? Why did you type Frequently Answered Questions in brackets?
...and I thought you didn't notice. Good for you... you were actually paying attention and I am very grateful you were.
If you missed the deliberate error, please write/type "I shall pay attention to such errors the next time I read a blog" 500 times, and e-mail it to me. My e-mail address is horatio89@hotmail.com, and do leave the definition of gullible in the PS section of that e-mail.