130 Reversal?

This is an example of how Science has evolved over the ages...

We are really getting somewhere, aren't we?

For those who have forgotten their Chemistry:

  1. Ball - John Dalton model adapted from Democritus's atomism
  2. Christmas Pudding - J. J. Thomson model after the discovery of the electron
  3. Cooler version of nothing much - Bohr model with electron orbits of fixed energy levels, and later Chadwick model after the discovery of the neutron
  4. Probably nothing at all - The Quantum Mechanical Model with the electron probability cloud
After centuries of scientific research, we finally decide that the basic building blocks of everything is a tiny speck of nucleons surrounded by electrons that may or may not be there... and the ball actually looked so promising at the start, didn't it? Now, they suspect that the most fundamental entities are strands or loops of string that no one can actually hope to observe directly... go figures...