111 Revelry

Yes, the answer is B. Regurgitate, but please don't make me give you the meaning of that word.

I was a little busier than usual yesterday, researching for my upcoming Mount Kinabalu climb, and preparing myself mentally and physically. I'm climbing some time in early May, so if you see me online then, to quote famous words, "It may look like me, and sound like me, but I'm not very sure that's me," since there shouldn't be WiFi on the mountain. I should be able to take some pictures if I'm not too tired from the stair-stepping exercise, and climbing.

A rough sketch of the terrain of the Melisau Trail.

In the meantime, let me introduce a few friends of mine: The Whiteboard People. When they are not busy humouring me during random cryptography or mathematical endeavours, they lie by the whiteboard, idle. Lately, they've gotten a little bored (no pun intended), like myself, for the past few months, and decided trying to entertain you, the readers.

Not in Picture: Mothker, Farker The Parents

They should be around every alternate day, but if I get lazy to upload their images, you may miss them for a few days. But, I'll assure you, I'll do my best. Here's their first job:

...And there was certainly, much rejoicing!

That's all for now, let's hope they continue to be up to no good.