114 Recurring

Let me make this official, I am getting sick of these nonsense, pretending to be shared links getting sent over MSN. I have done it, and I swear I'm going to do it again, the next I get one of these rubbish, I'm going to ignore them and reply the sender in CAPITAL LETTERS. Whatever the capital letters mean to you, is entirely your own interpretation.

So, to blow off some of the steam I've been getting over this issue, I went over to Youtube to seach and watch some interesting videos, and as usual Youtube never lets me down. I found a set of videos that were really entertaining, created from a software called Mario Paint, which is basically an awfully cute computer music composer. Here's one of my favourite, played to the tune of "Summer Nights"(this is a link to the original video) , from "Grease" , sung by Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta (before he put on a lot of weight and changed gender in "Hairspray")

Yup, tell me more! Tell me more!

Oh, and I nearly forgot about my friends at the Whiteboard. give me a moment, yeah? Need to upload the photo...

I'm so sorry, guys!

Ok, that's it, since rain and thunderstorms make it difficult to go online. You know the rule, pull all the electric plugs out during thunderstorms. Bye!