118 Repulsive

Today, we shall have a Physics lesson on pseudo-forces.

The most well-known pseudo-force is inertia, or if we look at its etymology, the "lazy force". I think we all know what inertia is, the force that irritates us when we don't get a seat on the MRT or on a bus. We always seem to feel a force in the opposite direction to the acceleration of the object we are in, in accordance to Newton's First Law of Motion, which states that "an object at rest will remain at rest, while an object in uniform motion will remain in uniform motion" or in Simple English, "everything is lazy to change". So, this laziness converts into a pseudo-force that seems to push us back everytime the floor under us move forward, and conversely when the floor stops moving. Simple enough?

Then, there is the centrifugal force, the force that always threatens to throw you out from the car via the outside of the bend i.e. away from the centre of rotation. This is actually a result of Newton's Third Law of Motion's (every action must have an opposite and equal reaction) response to centripetal force. Centripetal force is the force that keeps you moving in a circle, and when the body responds to this force by the Third Law, it makes us feel a centrifugal force, which is not really a force applied by anything or anyone. This comic parodies centrifugal force by using it in a James Bond situation:

... all of it, by the way, is true, by switching the definitions used in Newton's Laws, pseudo-forces like inertia and centrifugal force become real forces, while the conventional forces become pseudo-forces, but that's totally imaginary, so don't bother. There are, of course, many other pseudo-forces, but the Physics is either too difficult of too politically incorrect for me to include it in this post. Here's a list of the ones I've come across, courtesy of the Whiteboard People:

Forces written in red do not follow Newton's Third Law, for unknown political reasons

Here ends our short Physics class on pseudo forces. Any questions? Ok, then. I might post again later today, so just hold on tight while I'm not around. Bye!