022 Hippy Places I Don't Go To

This happens to be Clarke Quay, a wonderfully happening place by the banks of the Singapore River. Here lies the highest concentration of hip things, bars, beers, upper class restaurants and ang mohs in the whole of Singapore, but some may dispute that there are more hipper things in Geylang massage parlours. Clarke Quay was an accidental destination in tonight's Biennale adventure because all human being are attracted to hippy things and Geylang is just too far away and there are girls in the group. Not that I find Geylang overly exciting, just a good subject of humour.

So, after seeing a few drunk men attempting to jump into the river and watching women walk by with one inch of makeup and listening to overly loud music and screens with dirty jokes flash by, I'm truly convinced that Clarke Quay is dangerously hip and painfully exhilarating. Did i mention that the things there are so expensive that any wallet, no matter how expansive it is, always tends to go on a diet that is more fatal that actress Andreas' liver failure from slimming products.

It is also a rare event that I detour to places like Clarke Quay because i don't like places with drunk highclass men and flashing laser lights. But the daytime is nicer without the constant throng of hip things and beer. I don't drink beer and i don't fancy the hip and fanciful. And, I heard that one can be fatally hip. This could either mean that one is so hip that outrage of modesty is surely imminent and rape is justified, or others just faint from the provocation and a mirror will make you dizzy, as a result of sheer hipness. For your info, CQ is a hip name for this place and only hip people use it. The not-so-hip Ah Bengs call it Clerk Ku-eh and the unhip layman just doesn't mention it because it because they agree that the place doesn't appear on any map. Geylang does though, strangely, because "80% of married people drive home after sex" (as seen in Clarke Quay). Heck, I don't care if Monica Lewinsky's cheeks are puffed up when she tried to hide her crime from Hillary, bu hip jokes are not my kind and hip methods to wind up blog entries are too boring. so, plainly saying now, goodbye