009 A Story from the Heart 2: Being Frank...

Welcome to the second part of the story, a dedication to my loved ones who are constantly reading the blog and to my friends, especially Michelle in Seremban. Here we go as i reveal the first of my companions... (did i mention that the story is semi-fictional?)

"Who were they? They appeared to me as I was looking for a source of inspiration in life to face the challenges ahead. They were not strangers, as at the very moment I met them, I knew their personalities all too well. They were an inseparable couple, and they admitted that they were also already well acquainted with my lifestyle, habits and idiosyncrasies. They personally admitted that they had never strayed too far from the paths I had taken in my lifetime and quietly supported me from behind. Therefore, no formal introduction was needed before we headed off into the unknown together.
My newfound companions names were Frank and Earnest. Despite their diametrically different principles, the three of us stuck together like glue. Frank is an outspoken chap, with thousands of jokes in his inventory and always looking something fun to do. However, frequently, I fear that his motivation to live life to the fullest would always evolve to foolhardiness. I always find it extremely hard to pull him back from hurting or offending someone else’s feelings in public for the sake of personal fun and when it goes overboard, I always end up having the apologise profusely for my dear friend’s behaviour. Besides being outspoken, Frank also had the enthusiasm to learn something new, a certain motivation which many people lack. I am forever indebted to him as he was a great source of entertainment in my life..."