015 A Story from the Heart 3 : ...and Earnest

This is the third part of the story I have written. I must apologise as this once ends in a real cliffhanger and I haven't gotten around to writing out the next part. So the next part should be out next weekend earliest. So, in the meantime, just enjoy the shorter and less exciting blog entries in the middle, which I promise would be as interesting as the previous ones. So, here's the third part...

Earnest, however was less of a social person, as he prefers to be more reserved than to talk. Sometimes, he becomes overly taciturn and quiet, especially when there is something important bothering his mind. Mostly shy, he likes hiding behind the curtains to think and analyse every single aspect of a situation before acting on an educated decision. He is also overly studious, intelligent and a very good source of information whenever I am in need of it. Those little tidbits of information have helped me greatly in life, but what most people, including myself, cannot stand is his sarcasm and rudeness when approached the wrong time.

So, we lived together under the same roof, sharing bittersweet memories, be it in work and play. But, the most memorable times were when we walked along the River, enjoying the many sights and sounds of the city, and people milling by, not bothered at all by our presence and the topics of our heart-to-heart conversations while enjoying the diamond-like sparkles of sunlight that was reflected off the surface of the River’s water. We leave the real world behind us when we enter the separate dimension that engulfs us when we take those long and solitary walks by the River. This self-invented paradise would, however, later be the scene of the greatest conflict that all of us will encounter in our friendship.