024 The Misdictionary: Part 2

More strange words and definitions coming your way...

Studyphilephile - One who loves studyphiles. From "studyphile" (see part 1) and "-phile" meaning love to the extent that you must declare it". A studyphile's word for inter-studyphile relationships, a most daunting thing because love is mostly painful, and obviously distracting for those who are studying. Studyphilephiles may be studyphiles themselves, not neccesarily so, but that is usually the case because only studyphiles use this word. It is applicable for both same sex and opposite sex relationship, as long as there is a mutual force between them. Non-studyphiles just call it love. Hip people call it normal.

Foreign Talent - Term referring to the more intelligent people who are not natives of a tropical island in the sun in the South China Sea, which is slightly bigger than a little red dot. The local admistration, a high ranking group of people known as the "gahment" countrols this state and encourage them to make the already high average IQ of the island even higher so that one day, it will rule the world, or not. So, these people are coveted by the "gahment" as they are better than the average native and takes the initiative to convert them to the religion of meritocracy, a most demanding religion that requires you to outdo everyone else so that the GOD aka MERIT SYSTEM will shower you with blessings. The other natives hate it while the others rejoice.
See also, meritocracy, kiasu

Meritocracy - The most demanding religion in the world and citizens of countries which declare this their national religion are automatically converted to this religion by the authorities. Fortunately, dual-religionship is allowed but the non-meritocratic religion is considered secondary and unimportant as it is to occupied with abstract matters. Basically, only the most pious devotees of the GOD aka MERIT SYSTEM will be blessed by Him by getting the best opportunities, money and a good life while those who lack the willpower will just fade away into a lifetime sentence of pain, poverty and suffering. But, there is no mention of an afterlife. How ever daunting this is, people still hold strongly to its principles and refuse to give as they climb the ladder to heaven to become one with the SYSTEM. This leads to a new philosophy in this religion known as kiasu which has been adapted by most devotees. The system also protects those who are able bodied while those who fall behind, fall even further. See also, kiasu

Kiasu - Scared to lose in Hokkien. In english, it is known by another name, a -phobia which is too long to pronounce. The result of the meritocracy religion which is widespread in certain countries. While devotees also try to reach the top and not fall back to become one with the GOD, they have become heartless and Machiavellian human beings who are willing to do anything, because of the fear of losing. This leads to widespread sabotage, manipulation and other vice which are too henious to mention. the motivation is the gifts that the GOD will present to them when they have achieved oneness. Others just die off as insignificant human beings. This great lifelong aim as inculcated kiasuism in the souls of the people and they devote themselves to the GOD.