007 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

While we are anxiously awaiting the next episode of that much anticipated story of mine, we shall attempt to clarify something that is quite fuzzy (literally speaking). Yup, the haze is back and as the title suggests, the all time top song now is that oldies song "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes". Seriously.

I actually wanted to post a photo or two which features pretty water droplets suspended in mid-air which i took at Sentosa a few months back, which looks quite amazing to me, not that they are magical, but simply because one doesn't usually stare at water fountains trying to see suspended droplets. However, until i figure out whether the problem lies with the internet connection, computer or my patience, i can't post the pictures. Well, they are not award winning anyway and after a while, you get the feeling there is more to life than droplets. But, i digress.

So, back to the main topic. Since the nice photo shots are damaged by the haze and the air is just so thick with smoke, small particles, wood ash, and bad management of forest fires by neighbouring governments (i didn't say this, it is public opinion, i swear), well i'm stuck indoors with watery eyes, a slightly sore throat, a lot of bottles of water, a laptop, no computer games and a blog, you can pretty much figure out what is going on in my life. I'm dying to go for a walk around singapore, but the haze together with the already present symptoms of overexposure to smoke and the large amount of cars in Singapore, suddenly going out isn't such a great idea after all. And, not forgetting to mention, a low number of good photo opportunities outdoors, and even if there are, anyone looking at the photos will surely be wondering why would someone be silly enough to want to take photos in the haze, when everything is in a blur.

But then again, we all know there is more to life than just haze, water droplets and blogs. Only problem is, when they all occur at once, there isn't much in life, only staring at keyboards and monitors. Goodbye for now...