018 Strange Matters in Art

While I'm still in the mood to discuss about the Singapore Biennale due to that overdose, (I'm still trying to convince myself that pheromones are suppose to have this effect), I'll revisit some of the stranger encounters I've had yesterday at that unpronounceable event.

I think installation art is interesting because the context it is placed in is often simply more appropriate than well a questionably interesting portrait of a long dead woman hanging on wall full of controversy due to a bestselling novel. And, that is exactly what the Biennale is full of. Nicely placed "things" in courtrooms, offices, wards and what nots which observers can walk through and explore. For instance, an aquarium you can put your head through in the middle to feel what it is like to be in a fishbowl. How about courtroom offices that have been turned into mad scientists' lab? Not forgetting a spaceship-like object that has been placed in the middle of a musuem exhibit hall with lasers pointing all over the place. These and many others have truly made my day at the Biennale yesterday. The pheromones were just a consolation, though, but in all still overly hilarious.

So, while Project Work Day is still ongoing and slowly killing the excitement I've had yesterday, I'll just indulge myself in blogging. That's all for now...