023 The Misdictionary: Part 1

The Misdictionary is a collection of words, phrases and statements which have other interesting definitions other than the conventional definition given in standard, boring and unhumourous dictionaries.

studyphile - A compliment/insult for people whom they believe love to study. From"study-" meaning walking around explicitly with a reference textbook and pretending and/or trying to understand what is being said and "-phile" meaning "love to the extent that you are dying to show people how much you love it". Usually a high-standard word used by studyphiles to address people of their own race. Non-studyphiles call studyphiles muggers. See also mugger

mugger - Basically the same as a studyphile, only difference is, everyone else uses it. Usually confused with robbers who hold you at gunpoint and extort or people who go around selling cups. Also wrongly used interchangably with people who are extremely intelligent and do not need to study. Everyone's a mugger at one point in time but strangely, they don't notice they are mugging. Only used whenl one notices someone else is studying when one isn't.

hip - Normally, hip is taken to be the certain part of the body between the groin and the abdomen which has a very large bone that allows you to use a hula hoop, squat, brag about, knock people aside and shake that thing. when used in a different context, hip can also be used to describe a person with extremely exposed portions of the body, trendy, frequents orchard road, loves bars and clubs, has really strange hair colour and a very thin wallet, but a mouth that can launch a thousand ships and transfer the launch payment to her boyfriend without any effort. In looser context, simply used to describe any girl that turns you on at first look, and describing places where these strange female creatures hang out. Can also being used to describe a very entertaining bedmate.

love- a unexplainable strange phenomena that drags two difffernt human beings together so strongly that any attempt to seperate them will encounter total rejection and insult. once the distance between them has decreased to a magnitude small enough to be negligible, its power will disperse and at first a repulsive force will form between them. Other previously rejected bodies and new ones will approach the repulsive force, causing the two old bodies to spontanenously combust and cause catastrophe. Usually, just defined as mostly painful.