013 A Tribute To Singlish : Part 2

So-ah, as I was saying, we all brought up talking like this, all the engrish all wrong oledi. So how now? Gahment wan us to stop talking Singrish, but everyone dunno what to talk oledi. We natural open mouth got all the -lah, -meh, -mah and all, how to change? If we anyhow talk engrish, the gahment don't like, say we are globalised nation oledi, must talk like the rest of the world. Eh, something veli wrong-lah. The rest the world also talk engrish one kind, the french got their oo-la-la, the american ain't here, ain't there, British got the funny slang oso what.

This one not enough, want us to talk good engrish not enough, some more must have good manner. Singapoh people where got time to talk nice-nice with people, other people understand enough oledi what? Please-lah, we all-ah, sit down at the coffee shop, the guy come, give drink, we pay, never say thank you, he never scold oso? Dunno why the gahment siow-siow wan us to say preeze, thank you and soli. Normally, no one make noise, suudenly wan to make noise. Veli funny lah!

So, now I write blog in Singrish as a way to plomote the wonder of singrish to the world, see they can understand or not. If they dun understand, nevermind. They come to singapoh. they see us talk like this, they think singapoh-lang very clever, talk english oso got style, then they wan to learn. Good what. It is the Singapoh identity. Gahment oso happy, everyone happy. See, so why not speak Singlish?