010 In Celebration of Blogs!

Let's start this blog in retrospect. In celebration of my 10th blog entry, not that it's a remarkable achievement or a great milestone that calls for the need of an islandwide celebration (did i mention i am living in Singapore?), we will celebrate the wonderful existence of blogs in this great and wonderful world.

Well, we all know about the freedom of expression as a basic human right such that it is wrong to gag and bag someone who speaks openly about somethings we all do not like to hear in public, which happens anyway in the world because it is supposed to be illegal to condone your own government, its policies, politics etc. And , so we now speak of freedom with boundaries or limited freedom. Frankly, i say it's an oxymoron, but blogging is indeed a way out as the internet is a virtual world where governments are NOT supposed to exist, when in actual fact do, and carefully monitoring what we write. Well, some are deceived in their naivity and write objectionable materials such as things that are "persistently political" (as stipulated by the government) or against a certain Sedition Act or the other. So we all try to be persistently non-political or non-persistently political, or somewhere in the middle or pretend fulfill one of the three. You can't really deprive us of the laugh we get from ridiculing politics.

Anyway, now with the emergence of podcasts and what nots, blogging or casting is becoming increasingly interesting as we bring freedom of expression up one level. Yes, as we celebrate all the fun thing we read or hear online from the ordinary citizen in a country, disregarding warnings from the government and all that, we find ourselves in awe of what we write and our sense of humour, unbounded by law. Leaving you on this sweet note for now...


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