027 It's Been a Long Time

Hello, I'm back. Sorry for the extremely long break from the blog, but post-exam academic matters have been overwhelming me. Project Work, Olympiads and all that stuff. Oh, and the next part of the story will be out some time later this week if the internet connection allows it to be posted anyway. While we are waiting for that, let me just inform you that the previous blog was a rather scientific joke. If you aren't aware of it by now, DHMO, i.e. 2 parts hydrogen, one part oxygen, happens to be water. And hope it did not cause wide spread panic.

Also, I collected all 95 Biennale badges. Like that is a remarkable achievement. I know I can exchange it for a nice TV or something, but 95 badges look nicer on my room wall than a large TV or surround system. But then again, entertainment does have its limits. So does aesthetic value. Now, I should get some nice Biennale masking tape and stick those all over my bed and that unsightful scratch on my laptop. Speaking of which, I'm not blogging on my laptop now, because of the bad wireless internet connection. So, I'm in the computer room. Not the most private of places but I don't blog privately anyway.

You notice i'm jumping from topic to topic, and that is because I'm trying to cover as much issues as i can in a short period of time. No well thought out humour here, unless it is unintentional which seldom occurs on normal blogs. Lastly, and most important issue i must cover now is the idea of privacy which i somehow reached in the last paragraph.

This is in fact an issue of national, if not global importance. I just read somewhere (is it "Time"?) that there is an irony in the online world. When we are writing, typing or just joining some group or the other online, we do not hesitate to reveal our most personal and deepest information, sometimes to the extent of writing personal secrets on blogs, which I don't do, of course. Partially because i refuse to allow my blog to become a place i rant and rave about how miserable life is (don't panic, this is just a figure of speech), and also because there are more humourous stuff to talk about, like "matters of national importance". About the matter of privacy, people just don't realise that anyone, literally any Tom, Dick and Harry, can read about you. Is that what we really want? Why are we then so reluctant to speak openly about ourselves in public when writing about this online is a technical equivalent?


Anonymous said...

well, yeah, it was a LONG time. Tot u jumped off the building =P


Since when binalle had badges?? Mum asked whether it was like stickers or paper kind badges? Make sure u bring back one during the hols.okie then, make sure u reply me!!

Luv ya from everyone back here, including Horatio the hamster =D