016 Pressing Issues

This blog entry is regarding issues of much importance, pressing matters that must be dealt with urgently...

This is a PRESSing issue. The irons in the hostel are too light to iron clothes with. I mean they are so light, that my laptop outweights it. Really. Now that's imPRESSive. I think my laptop can be used to iron a shirt if i leave it switched on for 24 hours and carry it over to the laundry room.

Here's another PRESSing issue. Due to the increased amount of dense carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, meteorologists have noticed that the attmospheric pressure have increased significantly in the past decade. Also, economists have pointed out that the demand of carbon dioxide and the plant kingdom have dropped so low in the past years that this commodity is practically free. Governments around the world have demanded that the IMF allow government intervention in the plants' market to stabilise the price of carbon dioxide, while meteorologists disagree, stating that the intervention will cause the price of carbon dioxide to rise and hence increase atmospheric pressure. They're supported by the psychologists who agree that humans are under enough PRESSure already.

And yet another PRESSing issue. While economists are arguing whether carbon dioxide should be made a public good, port authorities are busy tackling another PRESSing issue, pier pressure. As the number of ships around the world are increasing exponentially , port workers are suffering from pier pressure as they can no longer stand the large number of workload they are given already, in addition to the competition they face from workers of other maritime companies. Instead of bringing work back home, they have been forced to bring their home to work. Yes, they have been bringing their wives and children to help them during work. Psychiatrists believe this will lead to a high number suicide cases in maritime nations. In fact, pier pressure is the main reason for suicide in some countries.

Disclaimer : This edition of mostly pressing issues is mostly untrue. It is meant to be a filler between blogs for those people who only read politically correct stuff.