021 It's Strange but...

It's strange but sometimes you wonder how probability works. On my room window, I wrote a short text on my views on probability, an old indulgence and back then, I didn't have a whiteboard to scribble my thoughts on. Anyway, I never got around to cleaning it up and it has been there for a few months. However, just two days ago that particular window was broken by some smart aleck who kicks a soccer ball at high speeds towards windows. My issue is not that such activities isn't justified as a post-exam hobby and i really don't mind people breaking my room windows, but the surprising fact that the broken window is the one with the probabily script on it. Now, the irony is that out of the so many windows in the hostel, that particular one had to be broken. It was interesting noting that and how small the chance of that happening and strange chance that it was about probability. But then again, it's not everyday a metal girdle kills you by falling on your car when you are driving past, the traffic fines for speeding is lowered or yourself getting killed and fined at the same time because of speeding.

It's also strange but sometimes you wonder why some people fail to think properly at certain times. For instance, what was that guy thinking when he pushed that lady off the platform onto the MRT tracks at either Clementi or Jurong. Or, what was the Indonesian minister thinking when he said that Malaysia and Singapore should thank Indonesia for the oxygen its forests supply and stop complaning about the haze. And, what was everyone thinking when no one said anything about the introduction of NEWater in the water supply simply because an increase in fares were far, far more important than having to drink recycled sewage water. And what was I thinking when I was complaining about pheromones, when there were monkeys in courtrooms in City Hall and books burning in the National Library during the Biennale.