006 A Story from the Heart

Sorry for the long absence of an update, but it is just sometimes so hard to get an internet connection here that it is tempting to give up and find something else to indulge in, but i'm back. Stories aren't my forte, but sometimes i am tempted to express myself, so here's the first part...

"The days when we all walked along the banks of the River will never be forgotten as we continue our very own existence in our own worlds and dimensions. The stark contrast in our personalities, principles and pleasures made our differences irreconcilable and leaving us with the harsh decision of breaking up from each other at this point of time. I could only choose one among all of my dearest friends to join me as I continue my journey down the rough road of life that still lie ahead of me.

It was a memorable beginning for our relationship as we met during uncertain and hard times. It was when I first left home for a land far, far away from home. As ideal as it seemed, I believed that there was more to it than meets the eye. A hidden black cloud that hid behind the sunshine of hope that flowed endlessly from my new home haunted me. While I traversed a few of the many streets that criss-crossed the abstract domain of my dreams, I felt the need for a few companions that would be my guiding hand as a make precarious decisions in many of my new adventures and endeavors there. I needed one who could form the basis of my beliefs, and have trust in me in whatever I do. It was in this time of great distress that I met them, who, unbeknownst to me, would later cause me the biggest crisis in this phase of my life..."