012 A Tribute To Singlish : Part 1

Eh, you know-ah, all this while, i blog in Engrish like the ang moh, no mistake wan, and evry time try so hard to see if got make mistake or not. I tell you-ah, writing like that veli hard-leh. So, this time, i try my best to blog in the baddest engrish i know, see you can understand or not. I know not easy to read when the glammar write until like this.

In singapoh, the gahment wan the people to talk like ang moh when the imf people come for meeting. Yalah, some more must smile at them like we love them only. You think veli easy-ah? Got people so much time go smile-meh? The gahment oso got the "speak good engrish" campaign, they say must not talk rojak engrish, or like the pck talk, and some more cannot pray-pray. They oso say-ah if you talk good engrish, you can be understooded in Singapoh, JB and some say Batam. Eh, the people there engrish oso very jia-lat. Where got good oso? The Malaysia got Manglish, and the Indon talk oso one kind.

I just thought-ah, if like this-ah, the people in Singapoh with the good engrish oni left the foreign talent and some even say the Philipino maid. You say they talk very powderful engrish until you cannot understand, but the gahment still say they talk veli good. So how now? Must learn flom them-ah. In school-leh? The teacher all must talk like ang moh, izzit? If our children all force to talk like that-ah, afterward we all talk, the singapoh-lang cannot understand, how? Very susah leh like this. Then, got generation gap, how to talk...