017 The Singapore Biennale: Belief It or Not

"On Sunday 9 July, He entered the City Hall building. He filled its interior with pheromones"
- As seen on the front door of City Hall-

Now, for those people who don't know what pheromones are, well, I'm sure defining "Biennale" isn't going to be any easier. Well, "Biennale" is the most mispronounced and unpronounceable event of the year in the region. Pheromone is a certain type of chemical that is supposed to attract ordinary citizens to unpronounceable contemporary art events. A Biennale is a funky event that happens every once in while in cultural hubs around the world. Pheromones are supposed to make you euphoric while viewing art.

Just kidding. I'm serious now. A Biennale is an unpronounceable contemporary art event that is supposed to be organised once every two years in an exciting cultural hub somewhere is the modern world that showcases international artists' work which are sometimes overly disturbing and strangely stimulating. Pheromones are totally unrelated to art, as it is a particular type of hormone that is supposed to attract members of the opposite sex to you, which is, as I said, totally inartistic, unless some obscure scientific research paper proved that it also attracts humans to art. Possibly the rationale for that strange sign on the door.

After spending an entire day at the biennale, some things just don't seem right to you anymore. For instance, a sign on a door suddenly seem to be awfully curious and suspiciously implying something, like perhaps a ruse using biochemical to attract humans to artworks. There are countless other examples which I do not have time to name. Just a penny for your thought, when was the last time you watched a horror movie? Let me tell you, Biennale tickets are going cheaper than any movie ticket, and you don't have to queue and you can watch it countless times, if you are not too nauseated. Oh, and don't bring children along, because, one, they don't appreciate art and, two, they might suffer from insomnia for the rest of their lives, and, three, you might find yourself explaining what pheromones are.

While I'm still quite dazed from the day's events and sightings (which could be said to be more traumatizing than an alien abduction), certain judgements of quality are also suspended. For example, the quality of humour derived from pheromones. Therefore, excuse me now, as I have to figure out the effects that all that chemical have on my nervous system...